Waste to Wealth Videos – Ugandan entrepreneurs share their stories

In these short videos, five Waste to Wealth entrepreneurs working in Kampala, Uganda share their stories of what they see when they see waste and the impact that it’s had on their lives.

Sssenyange Samuel, the Director of Wisdom Insights shares his experience of developing a waste management company in Kampala:

Abdu Ssekamanya of Kamu Kamu Group talks about how plastic waste has changed his life:

Luluna Community Environmentalists share their experiences of making charcoal briquettes from waste:

Our Lady of Charity in Mulago, a network of 50 women, talk about making handbags, compost and fireless cookers:

Charles Kyamanywa of Kyabando Energy and Environmental Projects explains why he is making energy saving stoves in Kampala:

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