Models for Waste Management

Living Earth’s Waste to Wealth programme supports diverse models for waste management.  We focus specifically on slum areas in African cities.

Models for Waste ManagementWaste recycling

Bringing technical innovation to tackle one of the world’s oldest problems, we source experts to deliver training in different recycling techniques, including composting, briquette making, plastic paving tile production, plastic moulding, plastic weaving, scrap metal transformation…

Waste collection

One of the most profitable slum-based business models for Waste Management is the less glamorous, but more stable, field of waste collection – this includes drainage ditch clearance, street cleaning, household waste collection, private sector waste collection.  This collected waste then becomes part of the supply chain for entrepreneurs working in waste recycling.

Public private partnerships

Public private partnerships are one model for Waste Management offering local government a cost-effective solution to discharging their responsibility to ensure a clean environment for their citizens. By working with micro enterprises that have the technical know-how and expertise to clear the waste, they can transform waste into a commodity rather than a burden. Read more on Public Private Partnerships.

Community clean-ups

Community groups play a key role in keeping their neighbourhoods clear; by linking these groups to the waste entrepreneurs and recyclers, they are able to become part of the waste value chain.