Briquette production centre opens in Cameroon

Kemit Ecology, one of the enterprises supported by our Waste to Wealth project, has just established Cameroon’s first urban briquette production centre.  Briquettes – the production of cooking fuel from organic waste – are a new technology in Douala.  As the cost of charcoal and cooking gas rises, Kemit Ecology is finding that there’s growing market interested in alternative fuel supplies.

In the last month, they’ve been able to work with the local council to secure an area of land which will serve as a workspace, they’ve registered as a business and they’ve sold their first order of 75Kg of briquettes.  It’s early days, but this is an exciting company to watch…

Kemit Ecology

Kemit Ecology at their new workspace in Douala

Kemit Ecology

Members of the Kemit Ecology team showcase their site

Kemit Ecology have also attracted the attention of others in the development community and have been shortlisted for an international award.

You can find out more about their work here:


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