Making information on Waste to Wealth more accessible in Kampala

In August 2013, Living Earth Uganda in partnership with Lubaga Divisional Council, opened a “Waste to Wealth” information hub for the city of Kampala.  The information centre is equipped with internet-enabled computers, technical training materials and equipment and recycled waste demonstration products.

The local council has taken on responsibility for ensuring that the centre has a full-time member of staff to support visitors.  The centre aims to encourage more people across Kampala to take part in Waste to Wealth activities.

Following the success of the centre, similar information centres are planned for Cameroon and Nigeria and will be rolled out during 2014.

Information hub in Uganda

Local government provides a staff member to manage the information hub in Uganda

Information hub in Uganda

Computer and internet access at the information hub in Uganda

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Developing links between the waste recycling sector and the green energy sector

FCTV, Living Earth Foundation’s project partner in Cameroon has recently been exploring a variety of different green energies in Douala as part of a new climate change initiative in the city.

This climate change mitigation initiative will utilise the network of poor entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises being built across Douala. It will introduce entrepreneurs to appropriate low carbon technologies with clear climate change mitigation benefits, as opportunities for new, profitable product lines, either for manufacture or distribution, primarily within the slum areas of the city. This will in turn, reduce consumption of fuel wood, charcoal, gas and kerosene used in domestic cooking and lighting with additional relevant positive impacts over natural resources and health.

Research has identified a number of products and simple technologies with potential to reduce energy consumption which are suitable to the energy and market context of Douala’s slums.  The range of products includes solar micro grids, solar lanterns, biomass fuel briquettes, micro-anaerobic digestion generated bio-gas and the Wonderbag, a South African technology which allows food to continue cooking after being removed from the stove without the fire hazard of hay boxes.

Making light bulbs out of plastic bottles in Douala

Making light bulbs out of plastic bottles in Douala

Making the solar bottles in Douala

Youths being trained in how to make light bulbs from used bottles in Douala

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